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Anti-feminist: Carrie Underwood is mean to boys!

TweetYou know, i think Carey Roberts is maybe my favorite anti-feminist. He’s at least in the top five. Because he’s nothing if not original. First it was that feminists have a mental disorder (which he called “FIPH – feminist-induced phobic hysteria.”). Then it was that feminists ruined Amnesty International. Roberts’ latest gripe? American Idol winner [...]
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Tech note: Comment problem

TweetWe’re having some problems with comments, they should be back up shortly. Thanks for your patience! Tweet
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Friday Anti-Cat Blogging

TweetI know I’m in the extreme minority of feminist bloggers because I a) don’t own a cat, b) don’t find LOLcats all that funny, and c) don’t really think cats are cute. Which is why Realisticats is for me! A sample of one of these blissfully accurate and grammatically correct images: Because I want this [...]
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Fun with Feminist Flickr (pro-woman edition)

Tweet Pic from laurlopr09. Tweet
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BBFs 4-Ever?

TweetThe Los Angeles Times had a piece yesterday about the television and movie trend of the BBF–the Black Best Friend: Julia Louis-Dreyfus has one. Sandra Bullock had one. So did Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes. Jennifer Love Hewitt has had two. Calista Flockhart took hers dancing. Kate Walsh had one, lost her, and got another [...]
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