Pregnant women stress out.

It’s a shocker, I know. And if I was pregnant, this would just stress me out even more. Via the Guardian:

Most expectant mothers suffer stress during pregnancy, potentially putting at risk their baby’s development in the womb, according to a survey. A poll of more than 1,100 pregnant women by the baby charity Tommy’s revealed that almost 90% endured stress prompted by an array of causes. Worries range from money to food, work pressures and relationships.
Women are also struggling to deal with concerns over a range of ‘taboo’ topics they feel they cannot confess to publicly, according to the survey, conducted to mark the start of Tommy’s pregnancy health month. The taboo topics include fears of developing post-natal depression, and that they may not want or love their baby.
Two-thirds lamented their partner’s failure to appreciate how tired they were, and being told it was ‘just their hormones’ whenever they became upset.
Maternal health specialists say women should try to reduce stress or risk complications such as limited growth of the unborn baby, premature delivery or, in cases of prolonged high stress, miscarriage.

To say there’s a threat to the development of a pregnancy because the woman stresses about things that everyone stresses about seems a bit silly to me. People stress out. And baby receptacles aren’t too easy to come by these days. We have, you know, lives and stuff.
However, it was good to address the fears (or “taboos”) that women may have but feel guilty about saying because of expectations to be the oh-so-thrilled mother-to-be, and the “hormonal drama queen” stigma that’s attached to pregnant women. Has anyone had similar experiences?

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