Not Oprah’s Book Club: I Love Female Orgasm

It was the night before I had the awesome opportunity to see Barack Obama in-studio on The Daily Show. I got my The Audacity of Hope and my Obama biography and curled into bed, thinking I would read some passages and get excited about seeing the man with the otherworldly charisma the next day. But I also had a stack of books that authors and publicist have sent me to review for feministing, so I thought, “Mmm…maybe I’ll just flip through a few.â€? Two hours later I was still engrossed in I Love Female Orgasm and the Obama books remained unopened. Even super charismatic Obama didn’t stand a chance against female orgasm.
Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller (imagine how explosive their sex must be!) are sex educators and Brown graduates who have pretty much dedicated the last few years of their lives to educating people about the complex and wonderful female orgasm.
What I really like about the book is that it is incredibly inclusive—no heterosexism here, no assumptions that their readers are sexually-active or experienced, no intimidation factor. Instead reading I Love Female Orgasm is like having a little sex therapy session with the least judgmental guru on the planet.

To be fair, some of it will seem basic to the “I already have my tool box of sex toys and I know how to use them� set, but for the rest of us, I think I Love Female Orgasm is filled with really important tips about some of the more elusive kinds of orgasms—multiple, during intercourse, and that old unicorn in the sky, female ejaculation.
By the by, 70% of women, despite Hollywood’s portrayal, don’t come from intercourse alone. I find this fascinating—why is it that the image-makers (screenwriters, directors etc.) continue to promulgate the myth that every woman has orgasmic intercourse? Women are made to feel “broken� and men are made to feel inadequate. Who’s benefiting from this continued misinformation?
I also think the book has exciting potential to be a much-needed resource for men. Sometimes heterosexual or bisexual women get tired of articulating exactly what gets them off. Hell, sometimes they don’t even know. This book allows men a window into some of the lesser know possibilities. And let’s face it, dudes definitely need some sex ed beyond fake-ass porn, the embarrassed dad sex talk, and the locker room.
Thanks Dorian and Marshall. You guys are making the world a better place, one female orgasm at a time.
Next week: Miranda July‘s No one belongs here more than you. I promise I’ll get to that Obama biography one of these days.

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