Weekly Feminist Reader

Jessica tackles the question of whether women-only spaces are an appropriate answer to harassment.
Even after they’re forced to register on an online database pledging to not get pregnant, more than 120 women who take Accutane became pregnant in the past year.
How Muslim feminist artists are confronting perceptions of women’s place in their religion — and in the art world.
Eugenia Chien on why unmarried women aren’t a voting bloc.
A woman loses a lot of weight after a health problem, and is disturbed when strangers keep telling her how good she looks, and asking who her nutritionist is.
The number of family-leave discrimination suits continues to rise.
A really disturbing article ponders whether some men choose to kill their wives rather than divorce them.
A woman sues her ex, claiming he gave her HPV
The quiceanera industry seems on pace to match the wedding industry: a heady combination of girl culture and consumerism gone wild.
On gender bias in comics.
More about a Los Angeles sportswriter’s decision to publicly document her transition.
GOP presidential candidates validate anti-contraception activism.
Latest stupid political/fashion trend piece asks, “Just how sexy is a first lady allowed to be?”
How autistic girls may be different from autistic boys.
More on the “legal loophole” that lets white men who abuse American Indian women get away with it.
How the Bush administration politicized global reproductive health.
An Army private is sentenced to 110 years in prison for raping and murdering a 14-year-old Iraqi girl.
Remembering feminist theologian Letty Russell.
Can Elizabeth Edwards secure the votes of women who aren’t inspired by her husband?

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