When anti-feminists attack!

If anti-feminists looked like kitties, I’d be more open to their batshit craziness.
It’s amazing what folks come up with these days to disparage feminism. We’re blamed for girls being “slutty,” appropriating feminine colors (!), and killing babies as a way to get off. (And of course, much, much more.)
But this article is one of my faves to date. The headline alone is priceless: “Feminism’s legacy: YouTube catfights”
But it’s really the almost genius disorganization of writer Mary Grabar’s column that truly makes this article the gem that it is.
She starts with talking about the popularity of “girl fight” videos on YouTube, which she describes as a “new genre of pornography.”

This genre reflects societal trends and how women are viewed in our post-feminist culture. It’s the logical conclusion of the sexual revolution officially announced in the ironically titled “Summer of Love” 40 years ago.
The girl fights dramatize the reality behind “free love”; they display the insecurity, competitiveness and hostility that the sexual revolution has wrought. The recent trend began with girls kissing each other, as they do in “Girls Gone Wild” videos, a display made more commonplace by the infamous Madonna-Britney Spears staged tongue tango in 2003.
Both Madonna and Spears have provided the raw material for much “scholarship” for feminist professors, who have made careers of analyzing such displays of assertive sexuality as evidence of women’s “empowerment.”
As women became more sexually “free,” they had to up the ante to attract men, hence girl fights over men (at least in men’s imaginations). The young man on a college campus today is surrounded by young women, often dressed provocatively. He has his pick because today nearly two-thirds of undergraduates are female.

Grabar then (oh-so-seamlessly) mentions the boy-crisis, then the Duke case, which leads into how silly feminist classes are, which give way to an argument about how feminism has led to sexual aggressiveness in men, and then ends…well, perfectly.

Rather than being “progressive,” however, the cult of free love signaled a return to the pagan ethos, where women, while still in that narrow window of their prime, vied for the attention of men then were discarded…Funny, when cleavage-baring, twenty-something news anchors look perplexed by footage of girl fights. I’d like to tell them: This all started with your mother’s feminist movement.

Oh, well that clears it up. It’s like Grabar took every stupid feminist-blaming story she’s ever heard and just puked it on the page.
For some extra fun, check out this description of the novel that Grabar is trying to sell, “Dancing with Derrida.”

An up-and-coming feminist professor of rhetoric who conducts research by stripping at the Classic City gentlemen’s club, Tight Ends. The sexual revolutionist/moving company entrepeneur who takes his disco dance moves to the contra/Cajun dance circuit. A romantic cowboy who loves literature and his ex-fiancee. His director at the University of Athens, one of the last of the old guard, who takes his stand in the classroom for God, country, family, and the power of poetry.

Nuff said.

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