Sexual violence against women in the Congo.

Is deplorably high. I am so disturbed by this story. In fact it makes me wish they didn’t even write it, but then we would never know.

Sexual atrocities in Congo’s volatile province of South Kivu extend “far beyond rape” and include sexual slavery, forced incest and cannibalism, a U.N. human rights expert said Monday.
Yakin Erturk called the situation in South Kivu the worst she has ever seen in four years as the global body’s special investigator for violence against women. Sexual violence throughout Congo is “rampant,” she said, blaming rebel groups, the armed forces and national police.
“These acts amount to war crimes and, in some cases, crimes against humanity,” said Erturk, who just came back from an 11-day mission there.

I will stop there. You can read the rest here, but be warned. It is disturbing.
Which presidential candidate will address this and actually work towards something, anything, that will help this situation?
I am not feeling hopeful.

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