Politics for boobs.

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  • MissMay12

    How is it that no one has commented on this quote:
    “The worry for all the candidates should be that if you dress really with any sort of serious fashion sense you will look gay.�
    Oh wait, it’s Fox news. No one’s surprised.

  • http://totallyunprofessional.com BethanyS

    I heart John Hodgeman.

  • http://blogingfemme.insanejournal.com moriath

    MissMay12, I had to rewind the clip just to confirm that yes, it was Fox news saying that drivel. While showing a picture of Hillary Clinton. The stupid, it burns…

  • ccall

    Hilarious. Thanks for posting.

  • MissMay12

    I actually watched the clip over and over so I could copy the Fox News quote verbatim and post it here for all to see:

  • Joshua Louden

    ugh Fox News…..

  • http://www.gspotmagazine.blogspot.com Gspotmagazine

    This is so on point I don’t even know where to start!

  • Carmen Govani

    At the same time that the gallery was elevated into a work of art, it was domesticated, personalized. Furnished with a yellow sofa and a set of caned chairs, the gallery became a zone of comfort and individual taste. At the opening Whistler, playing host, moved through the crowded room, adorning a few chosen guests with yellow satin and velvet butterflies, the butterfly being his trademark and signature. Playing to all of the viewer’s senses, the show was a sensuous experiment in performance more than it was a conventional exhibition, an expression of personal vision as much as a commercial show.
    It received extensive publicity and reviews ranging from laudatory to mocking to downright suspicious, as some critics seemed to feel that the saturated yellow environment Whistler created in the gallery interior could pose risks to the viewer’s physical, psychological, or moral health. Wilde attended the show and wrote enthusiastically of it to Waldo Story: “I saw a great deal of Jimmy in London en passant. He has just finished a second series of Venice Etchings—such water-painting as the gods never beheld. His exhibition opens in a fortnight in a yellow and white room (decorated by the master of colour) and with a catalogue which is amazing.”