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Who’s allowed to reproduce?

TweetRadical Doula has an important post on the flipside of this debate. As she noted in comments to my previous post on young women being denied tubal ligations, I think that you will find that for women of color, low income women, or immigrant women, this issue is completely different. Rather than having trouble getting [...]
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The sponge is back!

Tweet The Today sponge, now put out by Synova Healthcare Group, is back on the market. And it has a new “look.” The new package is meant to have a more modern look: instead of a pink flower and a conservative-looking typeface, the box has drawings of hip-looking women, playful typography, and colors that Synova [...]
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Dead women, furries and rehab: The pinnacle of fashion

Tweet Insanity is the new black! To further touch upon Vanessa’s question about why the media (and everyone these days) seems so obsessed with celebrity downfall, I enter into evidence the above spread from Vogue Italia. It’s crazy chic! Complete with a model buzzing her hair off a la Britney. Charming. But that’s not all, [...]
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Hillary and cleavage and hair, oh my!

Tweet Okay, I think this poster is just great. It’s a poster used when Clinton was speaking at the National Beauty Culturists’ League Convention recently. Being judged on your hair (or supposed cleavage) is completely crappy. Being cheeky about it is awesome. Kudos. Speaking of cleave, Ann will be on CNN tonight talking about the [...]
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The obsession with Hollywood’s “bad” girls

TweetThe Observer had a piece yesterday on the media’s obsession with the “Bad Girls of Hollywood,” and questions why everyone seems to get off on watching these irritating rich, white women get in trouble. While an obvious answer to this is that it’s entertaining to see these overly privileged bad gals like Britney Spears, Paris [...]
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