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How much jail time should women get for having an abortion?

TweetAnn and I were sure that we had posted this video before, since it made the rounds a couple of years ago, but we can’t find it anywhere. And it’s too good not to post. It’s resurfaced because Anna Quindlen has written an article about the National Institute of Reproductive Health’s new campaign, “How much [...]
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Best letter to the editor I have ever seen.

Tweet UPDATE: 21st Century mom scanned the picture for me! THANKS! I can’t seem to find this picture online, but my coworker pointed this out to me in today’s Chronicle. It is in response to a picture of a pregnant woman’s stomach from the side with an image of the world imposed on it. This [...]
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Ann on Hill’s hills and pervy 13 year-olds

TweetYou’ve gotta love what CNN chose to use from Ann’s interview. (But congrats, girl, you were great and funny!) Tweet
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Native American women, domestic violence and Congress.

TweetNative and indigenous women are victims of domestic violence at higher rates than the average American woman. Why is that? A history of displacement, colonization and violence I am sure have something to do with it, along with lack of resources, legislation or education to help women out of bad situations. You know, just a [...]
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15th Erase Racism Carnival!

TweetThe 15th Erase Racism Carnival is up over at Racewire and it is GOOD! Please go check it out and show some love for all the excellent, insightful and necessary writing that makes this carnival what it is. Tweet
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