My isn’t that a MANLY sweater you have on there!

Oh what a sad day when I found this piece of trash in my inbox today courtesy of reader Traci, found via CNN but originally in Oprah’s mag. Oh Oprah, how could you do me like that?
More bad frenzy inducing advice on how to get through to your man. Gross.
“You’re 100 percent correct”

It doesn’t matter what you’re arguing about — he just wants to be right. This is his weakness; you can use it like judo, turning his own momentum against him.
Saying two little words, “You’re right,” is the verbal equivalent of darting a raging elephant with animal tranquilizers. It gives him what he wants, reducing tensions and leaving the way open for you to get what you want. Try it: “You’re right, but I still want to go to the party.”
Meet every protest and argument he makes, no matter how ridiculously false, with the observation that he is absolutely correct … but you still want what you want. In boxing this is called rope-a-dope, and even if you don’t know what the rope part means, the dope part sounds pretty applicable. This is called win-win — except you did and he didn’t.

No, wrong. That’s right ladies, put to the side that you have a brain and just yes ‘em to death. I think this is more insulting to men. Who wants to be some childish buffoon that needs to be right all the time? Grow the hell up. And who wants to date someone that is so insecure they need to feel reassured all the damn time?
The rest is equally amusing. I mean I know we Feministers know better. I am so disappointed with mainstream dating and courtship writing though. It seems to exist in a bubble. As though feminism happened everywhere, except behind closed doors.

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