Fun with Feminist Flickr (hot button edition)

There’s only one word I can use to describe this button: WANT.
Pic from SarahDeer.

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  • BethanyS

    Lurve it.

  • Jeremy F.

    I’d hit it.

  • Neil Sinhababu

    Apparently you can get them here. I like the lettering on that button a little better though.

  • Joshua Louden

    Agreed with the lettering..I want one!

  • jer_

    Need it in button, t-shirt, bumper sticker, and baseball cap style!

  • elyzabethe

    where do we get that button?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, the lettering in the picture is way better. I totally want one. It looks vintage, though.

  • Smartpatrol

    My new LiveJournal userpic. Thanks Feministing!

  • Persephone

    Hell fucking yeah I’m pro fucking choice! Woot!

  • Cruella

    I think it might co-ordinate well with my new skirt. Fortunately these turned out to be a spoof!

  • Cruella

    I think it might co-ordinate well with my new skirt. Fortunately these turned out to be a spoof!

  • Cruella

    Ooops sorry about double-posting.

  • kax17

    I will be getting one of these. not a button person but this will be on my person at all times.

  • UneFemmePlusCourageuse

    Damn I want that.
    Maybe the next time my college has their stupid ‘pro-life’ day I’ll just wear that, make my point pretty damn clear.
    (If you’ve never been to a Catholic campus on pro-life day, believe me, it’s painful–signs comparing women who have abortions to Hitler, signs saying: “You had a choice when you decided to have sex.” Made me very pissed off, and is one of the reasons my campus now has a fledgling feminist group.)

  • Lisa27

    hahahahahaha, i LOVE it!!!
    Reminds me: I was just listening the other day to an Ani DiFranco concert where she mentions the tshirt someone made (home-made, originally) that said “ANI FUCKING DIFRANCO” :)

  • Sarah

    i’m so pleased that my vintage button (circa 1993) has been featured on feministing! i hope the smudges add character. i was pro-choice in wichita, kansas in the early 1990s (!) more goodies will be posted to flickr soon.

  • ouyangdan

    is anyone opposed to ‘yoinking’ this photo? it’s too fun to not pass on? pretty pretty please?

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