Ann on Hill’s hills and pervy 13 year-olds

You’ve gotta love what CNN chose to use from Ann’s interview. (But congrats, girl, you were great and funny!)

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  • SarahMC

    Is there a way for y’all to display the video so that it doesn’t automatically start playing? I did watch it, and yeah, it was lame (though Ann is cool, of course), but every time I click over to Feministing or refresh the page I hear, “And then, cleavage!”

  • Rock Star

    Seriously…that’s it?

  • lilaeden

    American media is such a joke.

  • Ann

    I know, I know. I haven’t watched cable news in so long that at first I thought the screen with “acting like a man” written on it in big letters was part of a video made by an opposing campaign, not the actual CNN segment… Yikes.

  • Deanna Z

    Your friendly neighborhood grrlnrrd sez: the video should no longer autoplay, but let us know if you still have problems. (It’s running a bit choppy for me; I think our server is a little slow this morning.)

  • Merletto

    Ann is so cool.

  • jessie

    I’ve been impressed with the level of constraint, in the media. Of course this is obscene, but I’m scared about what will come out in the general.

  • MAC1973

    This is outrageous, as Ann Lewis, Hillary Clinton’s top advisor pointed out – that the Washington Post would waste 764 words on this topic.
    However, I am amusing myself by thinking of slogans where they can use this to there advantage – such as:
    “One boob in the White House a’int workin’, It’s time to elect two! Hillary ’08!”
    Come on – let’s come up with others!

  • noname

    Cleavage? I don’t see it. That looks like a pretty conservative woman’s suite to me. Either way, I don’t get how this is news.

  • JPlum

    It long past time for a serious investigation into which male candidates are stuffing their pants, or wearing codpieces

  • Allytude

    What the hell kind of issue is this for a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION
    Hilary wears extremely professional, very wearable clothes… why need they observe them so closely,. aren’t her views what they need to discuss?

  • Ace

    Two things. First, I still don’t really see any cleavage. I’ve studied this photo for a while (strictly in the public interest) and fail to see why this is a controversy. Additionally, I’m failing to see what the problem is if Hillary wants to show off a little cleavage in public. that’s her prerogative. It won’t make me vote for her as I still have questions about her authenticity.

  • Neil Sinhababu

    American media is such a joke.
    I visited England for the first time in June. Watching the news there was pretty amazing — they actually covered substantive issues!

  • W. Kiernan

    Now, now, what’s “pervy” about a thirteen year old boy checking out “cleavage”? Are you implying that I was “pervy” when I was thirteen? Good heavens, thirteen year old boys scoping out ladies’s boobies seems quite – almost excessively – wholesome and family-values-oriented (= “hetero”) to me.

  • Carmen Govani

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