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Quick Hit: Not Quite Knocked Out by Knocked Up

TweetKatha Pollitt takes on Knocked Up [SPOILER ALERT] on her new blog (yay!), And Another Thing. One comment: I’m sorry, but am I the only person in the world who thinks Seth Rogen is frigging adorable? Tweet
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Et tu, Marie Claire?

Tweet Yes, yes–I know that a lot of Feministing readers don’t expect much from women’s magazines. But I’m an optimist. And lately it seems as if magazines like ELLE, Glamour and Marie Claire have stepped it up; they’re covering hard news issues, talking about feminism, and supporting great women’s organizations. So I was more than [...]
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Louisiana abortion ban has no health exception

TweetOh, Louisiana. The state legislature approved a late-term abortion ban this week with no exception for women’s health. Louisiana is the first state to do as much since the Supreme Court upheld the federal abortion ban. The procedure would be a crime in all other cases [other than to save the woman's life], including situations [...]
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Somehow, I just knew.

Tweet Apparently, feminism is bad for the young’uns . Tweet
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Afghani women journalists targets of violence.

TweetSome old fashioned woman hate for your Wednesday. Farida Nekzad began receiving menacing calls on her cell phone a half hour after arriving at the funeral of a fellow female journalist assassinated by gunmen. “‘Daughter of America! We will kill you, just like we killed her,’” she quoted the man on the phone as saying [...]
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