Funny Friday headline

Of course it did.

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  • Elise

    Not the first point I wanted to make, but don’t you see how your post shows how little freedom of speech we have?

    That was (part of) my point.
    However, it’s worth noting that possession of child pornography, for any reason and for any purpose, is in itself a federal offence under US law. Because of that, those of us who are subject to those laws might like to know in advance what is going to be cached on our hard drives and saved on our histories, not to mention where our IPs show up.

  • Sinclair

    Forgive me for not remembering where I read the following theory, but there is also some suggestion that many women may respond to erotic imagery of other women due to conditioning. In other words, from a young age we are exposed to sexualized presentations of women’s bodies. We grow up thinking women equal sex and therefore respond sexually to such images.
    Of course this is a different issue entirely to being attracted to a living breathing person, but may explain in some way why women who wouldn’t identify themselves as lesbian or bisexual may be aroused by looking at naked female forms.
    I wish I could remember where I read this, as the original article explained it so much better than I have managed to do here.

  • dmrnj85

    Actually, I blame my college (Rutgers) for helping me be comfortable as a queer woman and feminist.
    “Why do you want to move to California, with all those damn academics and their baby-killing politics?” – my church-going sister.