Fun with Feminist Flickr (Disney sucks edition)

Disney sucks. Click here for a full view of this employment rejection letter, and you’ll see why.
Thanks to Charles for the link.

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  • Sir Pragma

    Let’s see, slamming Disney for a letter written in 1938? Jeez, I think our time would be better spent organizing a boycott against Germany because of the terrible way that Mr. Hitler is treating the Jews.

  • EG

    Right. Because it’s simply horrible for anyone to spend any time considering the recent history of sexism in this country. How dare we! We should be like goldfish, and have 5-second memories.

  • Vervain

    “You just want to complain and play the victim.”
    Or, maybe we want to gain encouragement about how far we’ve come. When progress is made very slowly, sometimes it seems like it’s not being made at all. When we get frustrated by all the bad things we’re currently facing, it’s good to look back and see that they used to be even worse.
    Women are given vast preferential treatment in the U.S. and to complain otherwise is just to appear greedy and desirous of a position of superiority over men.
    You want stuff? Bust your ass 80 hours a week, shorten your lifespan 7 years and you’ll get it. Just like men.
    Tell you what, sweetie–let’s swap! You can get paid 75% as much, but be expected to maintain a flawless appearance using products that cost 2x more. You can stand a very good chance of being raped at least once in your lifetime, and then watching your rapist go free because no matter what your circumstances, people will insist you “asked for it” or even willingly consented. You can endure groping and catcalls from people who think the fact that you exist in their line of sight makes you public property. You can bleed once a month for 5 days and spend the rest of the time worrying about whether the government will determine you don’t deserve to have access to birth control or control over whether or not you become pregnant–and then when you do, you can deal with the fact that you’re far more likely to be beaten or murdered by your lover because of it.
    In exchange, I’ll work 80 hours a week, shorten my lifespan by 7 years, get treated like an adult with agency, get paid more, and never have to worry that the government might make it illegal for me to use condoms or not be a father. Sounds like a good deal to me!
    I know, I know, troll bait. I just couldn’t resist.
    As for Disney, I think they’re pretty gay-friendly, if only to lure in the gay dollars. More disturbing are some of the other policies I’ve read about, such as their refusal to do background checks on employees (pedophiles really, really like to work in Disney parks) and not allowing EMTs, paramedics or emergency vehicles inside the parks, because it apparently “spoils the magic” for the other guests to hear sirens, etc. (it’s just too bad for the guy having the heart attack who dies in the back of the unmarked Disney van while they wait for a break in the light parade) and various other really unsavory practices, all with $$$ at the bottom line.
    If you’re really interested:

  • Sir Pragma

    If the letter had been introduced as “Disney Sucked” or “Disney’s history of sexism” that would have been cool. But it’s present-tense and thus, unfair.

  • http://Grace Grace

    ooh! it’s not fair! boohoo! and women have everything handed to them on a silver platter and still they complain and dredge up stuff from the past to bitch about. LOL, the trolls are out.
    Anne & anorak–yes! i’m so glad to know that she did fulfill her dream and talent.
    And yes to EG and Vervain about the importance of knowing our history–it’s good to know how much things have changed and to be aware of how some things have just gone underground so that the male privilege revealed in the letter and be defended.

  • latarasoff

    is this for real?