Somehow, I just knew.

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Apparently, feminism is bad for the young’uns .

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  • Jeremy F.

    This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:
    * rape (20x)
    * sex (15x)
    * abortion (9x)
    * murder (5x)
    * porn (4x)
    * queer (2x)
    * shit (1x)
    I tried checking the rating of a porn website and got a “G” rating because there were no bad words. Only in America, and possibly some fundamentalist countries like Saudi Arabia, could abortion be a “bad word”.

  • Stephen D Moore

    Just distract the usher and let the young’ns in through the side door.

  • galnoir

    I don’t think you can take this seriously at all. I ran my own semi-abandoned blog through it and got an R rating based on:
    * whore (4x)
    * pain (3x)
    * shit (2x)
    * crap (1x)
    Mind you, all uses of “pain” were in reference to a kidney infection. Yeah, that’s real kinky.
    As for a porn site getting a G rating … well, if the site has pictures but few or no words, I can see how that would happen. Again, this hardly seems like a sophisticated rating system; I would treat it like the joke that it obviously is.

  • Hilary

    I was going to ask what porn website has “abortion” on it. I am not surprised at all that a porn site got a G.

  • Kamacys

    I would give this blog an A rating…for awesome! :)
    NC-17 or not, I’m still going to tell my students about it when schools starts up again.

  • Barbara P

    My extremely G-rated (and rarely updated) blog got a PG-13 rating because at some point I included the word “punch”. Once!
    Please. I didn’t actaully go check the context, but there’s a good chance I meant the beverage!

  • Allytude

    I got a Pg-13 on my blog too.. and t has poems and stories… :D

  • audrey

    That’s just ridiculous. It’s the same method for parental internet blockers though, so good luck researching anything for health class kids.

  • yellownumber5

    My blog got an NC-17 rating I think just for mentioning abortion a lot. What is up with that?

  • sadgirlseven

    wow. like i really need an online dating site to tell me that my blog is rated R. heh.

  • moriath

    “Gays” is also a “bad word.” Here’s my results:
    * sex (14x)
    * rape (3x)
    * murder (2x)
    * gays (1x)
    Equaling an NC-17 rating.

  • Christina

    Mine (
    started off PG-13 and as I spoke of the stupidity, it went up to R and is now at NC-17. A few more f-words and maybe, just MAYBE, I can get an X!

  • Feminist Review

    Damn it! Only an R rating. Guess we haven’t been around long enough to rack up more ‘inappropriate’ subject matter.

  • UltraMagnus

    Life is NC-17. It just makes you even cooler, feministing:)

  • lorriet

    My LJ is rated R. “This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words”:
    vagina (6x) pain (2x) whore (1x)

    Vagina??? That is lame.

  • roro80

    Ha! SFGate’s parenting blog gets an “R” rating, for fifteen uses of the word “poop”.

  • Alisquid

    Tee hee, as a fourteen year old reader, I find this amusing. I’m sure my parents would rather I look at porn than this. /sarcasm.
    To tell the truth, I’m not sure if they would care if I looked at porn. But that would be another story for another day.

  • snobographer

    Mine’s a G. It only mentions sex twice. I’m going to have to work on that.

  • Elaine Vigneault

    Is Mingle a pro-women or pro-feminist dating service? Just wondering why they’re getting publicity from all the feminist blogs.

  • Feminist Review

    Vagina, huh? Nobody yet take a hit for “penis”?

  • ponies and rainbows

    My extremely G-rated (and rarely updated) blog got a PG-13 rating because at some point I included the word “punch”. Once!
    Sooo….If you wrote, “I made some cherry punch for my daughter’s pre-school graduation,” it would earn you a PG-13 rating. And, if you talked about that punch enough, it could eventually earn you an NC-17 rating. For talking about juice. Amusing.

  • oenophile

    My super-prudish blog was rated NC-17 for the following words:
    * abortion (8x)
    * gun (3x)
    * sex (2x)
    * knife (1x)
    A mommy blog that I read was rated PG.
    A Christian blog was rated NC-17 for abortion, hell, death, gay, and steal.

  • Moxie Hart

    My LJ ( is NC-17 b/c of:
    Rape (5x)
    Sex (3x)
    Drugs (2x)
    Gay (1x)
    Honestly, I thought it was much dirtier.
    Ironically, the website for the Stormfront White Nationalist Community was rated G.
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

  • Hilary

    I just got out of a three night medical study. I couldn’t check the entire time I was in there because they blocked it for ‘pornographic’ material.

  • justin

    I mean, mine got mad at all the uses of “fucking” (and i don’t know how far back it looks, because i’ve used it more than 15 times in seven months), and, get this, for two uses of “dead.”

  • fishwithfeet

    I saw this on my favorite gay blog, queerty, they got an NC-17 as well. I typed in my blog, which is basically my two best friends and me writing random stuff that is only funny to us, and we got an R because of suck(2x), hell (3x) and abortion(1x).
    I guess they don’t go far back enough for the lesbian threesome post.

  • maryjanefoxie

    I know my blog is not for the kiddies, but I got a “G” rating. Must be because I can’t spell anything right.