Louisiana abortion ban has no health exception

Oh, Louisiana. The state legislature approved a late-term abortion ban this week with no exception for women’s health. Louisiana is the first state to do as much since the Supreme Court upheld the federal abortion ban.

The procedure would be a crime in all other cases [other than to save the woman's life], including situations where the pregnancy is expected to cause health problems for the mother.
The measure goes to Gov. Kathleen Blanco, who describes herself as anti-abortion but has not indicated whether she plans to sign the bill.


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  • http://www.momstinfoilhat.com Hilary

    There are so many areas of medicine which have huge ethical considerations. I am so sick of legislators and bullies using this one example as a way to take away reproductive freedom. Leave it up to the women and their doctors, please.
    Late term abortion is the Achilles’ heel of the pro-choice camp. Anti-choice activists know this, and that is why they target these procedures first.
    I am so sick of hearing people who are pro-choice immediately offer the “but I don’t like the idea of late term abortions” as an instant disclaimer.
    Women who don’t have access to care (which is a huge amount of the underserved rural area of our country, like large swaths of poor, rural Louisiana) or women who are pressured into keeping their pregnancy or women who have children with diagnosed defects – these are the women getting these late term procedures. Oh, and the women whose health is at risk, but the state of Louisiana doesn’t want to pay. Don’t they deserve a disclaimer?

  • JenniferLynn42

    Didn’t prohibition teach law makers anything? Just because you make something illegal doesn’t mean it disappears. Maybe these people never mastered the concept of object permanence when they were younger. History in this country as shown women will continue to seek and have abortions regardless of its legality. Outlawing it will only push it under ground and thereby making it more dangerous for women’s health.
    Women’s health is another important part of this debate that never seems to make it into the conversation. This is not surprising considering the poor information truly known about the female body. It wasn’t until only about 60 that doctors realized that women’s body are vastly different from men’s in more ways then just reproductive organs and began actually studying them. It was only about 50 years ago or so that drug studies included women patients into the equation.
    And let us not forget that these same so called medical experts, with their vast knowledge of female anatomy were prescribing and performing masturbation as a cure for hysteria. Because all women are hysterical after all. These same experts could not figure out why so many women continued to come in for “treatment�.

  • http://www.momstinfoilhat.com Hilary

    Seems like a good day to discuss abortion. I mentioned this thread on a comment I posted on RHRealityCheck’s website today:

  • nausicaa

    Clarification: the bill bans only “partial birth abortion,” not all late-term abortion.

  • D.M.T.

    It seems divisive to only refer to the procedure with a descriptor or partial-birth abortion and never by the actual medical term, intact dialation.

  • Carmen Govani

    The problem of legitimacy of abortion and its interdiction cannot be resolved without certain restriction of freedom of the order by the reproductive rights. It is possible or a full interdiction of abortions, or their permission at emergency, or expansion of this right to limits of viability of a fruit. All I so against abortions as abortion can affect female health very essentially.
    Among the European countries the full interdiction of abortions operates on Malta and in Vatican.