Et tu, Marie Claire?

Yes, yes–I know that a lot of Feministing readers don’t expect much from women’s magazines. But I’m an optimist. And lately it seems as if magazines like ELLE, Glamour and Marie Claire have stepped it up; they’re covering hard news issues, talking about feminism, and supporting great women’s organizations.
So I was more than a little disappointed when I looked at this month’s Marie Claire only to find a bevy of squirm-inducing stories. Check them out after the jump.

In this month’s “Fashion Road Test,” where the mag sends women out looking ridiculous and sees if people notice (past issues have included women with mascara all over her face or with fucked up hair). What silly fashion choice did this month include? Oh, a bathing suit for Muslim women. Now, I know that the burkini got some coverage (good and bad), but is it seriously fucking necessary to equate Muslim women’s garb with a freakshow and being an alien? Come on.
Then I run across this–an article about the daughter of the dude who invented purity balls. The perfect opportunity to tear shit up. Instead we get no political analysis whatsoever.

And to top things off:
And then I cry.

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