And I’m off…

To Chicago! I’m attending the National Women’s Studies Association Conference. I’ll be doing a panel with the ever-fabulous Courtney Martin and then a workshop by my lonesome. If you’re there, come say hi.
PS. I hate traveling this much.

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  • String_Bean_Jen

    Looks like you’ll be in St. Charles, a far western suburb of Chicago. Hope you can get into the city and have some fun and chillin’ time. Have a great conference!

  • sadgirlseven

    hey jessica – i’m on the local planning committee for next year’s nwsa conference and i didn’t realize that you were going to be at this year’s conference until it was too late for me to go! i am gutted. the list of panelists and speakers looks amazing. i can’t wait to read your recap of it. i honestly didn’t know much about nwsa until i started doing the admin work for the local committee, but it’s great that they have some younger scholars and writers presenting at the conference. have a great time!

  • Samhita

    Bah, so sad I won’t be there.

  • gossip

    Jessica, I was reading through the panels and was really interested in the one you were going to be on. I was even more interested when I found out some of the ladies from Feministing would be participating. Can’t wait to see it!