Afghani women journalists targets of violence.

Some old fashioned woman hate for your Wednesday.

Farida Nekzad began receiving menacing calls on her cell phone a half hour after arriving at the funeral of a fellow female journalist assassinated by gunmen.
“‘Daughter of America! We will kill you, just like we killed her,'” she quoted the man on the phone as saying as she stood near the maimed body of Zakia Zaki, the owner of a radio station north of Kabul.

I won’t go as far as the article to say that women’s lives have “vastly” improved since the fall of the Taliban. The condition and lives of women in Afghanistan are deplorable, but it seems to be a new trend that journalists and other media related women that are in highly visible spaces are being targeted with violence and murder.

“They want to make news, and targeting the journalists is a way to make news,” Naderi said. “They’re showing the world, ‘We’re here and we’re still in charge of this country.'”
Women have played a large role in the country’s media advances the past six years, and several women work on TV news programs as reporters and newscasters. They are typically modestly dressed, with their hair and necklines carefully hidden under scarves.
Still, some Afghans think it is inappropriate for women to appear before the public.

via AP.

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  • anorak

    All I feel I can do is bear witness.
    I hope the women of Afghanistan know that women in other countries haven’t forgotten them.

  • ikez78

    Excellent story and nice posts you did at Huff Post.
    Your spotlight this program is something I hadn’t seen before. Very cool.

  • sadgirlseven

    where is the bush administration in all of this? didn’t they want to “liberate” afghani women from the horrors of living under the taliban regime?
    oh wait… nevermind. ;)

  • Meena

    not to nit-pick but the afghani is actually the currency used in afghanistan. the correct term is Afghan not Afghani..