Hillary sexism alert (part 2,343)

Random sexist factoid: This is the shirt that Wal-Mart found so offensive that they pulled it from store shelves.
When oh when will this buillshit end? On the June 11 edition of Fox News’s Hannity and Colmes, conservative pundit Dick Morris said that if Sen. Hillary Clinton became president, she wouldn’t withdraw from Iraq. Because she’s a woman. Seriously.
Think Progress has the video.

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  • http://jnbruns.blogspot.com ikkin

    That’s the cutest fucking shirt I’ve ever seen. I want it.

  • Kelly D

    You should see the new Newsweek — “before” and “after” photos of Hillary, while the next article about the conservative candidates focuses on how “strong” they are. B.S.

  • eastsidekate

    Isn’t that shirt of a character from Dennis the Menace?
    Dennis the Menace clearly had a far left-wing agenda.
    Oh wait, no it didn’t.

  • http://lawfairy.blogspot.com The Law Fairy

    Can’t watch the video because I’m at work (no speakers). So very confused….
    Are they trying to say women are indecisive? I really don’t get the correlation.

  • http://viviane212.blogspot.com Viviane

    Those fucking fucktards.
    I am speechless.
    They pull a shirt that has that innocuous statement, but are still selling T-shirts with Nazi iconography, (even after they announce they’re removing the product from stores).
    Here’s a link to Consumerist:

  • http://www.jaclynfriedman.com JaclynF

    Off topic: when that shirt got pulled from W*lmart, my mom tracked down the creator and bought one for each of her four daughters. I still wear mine and think of how awesome my mom is.

  • carolina girl

    A) Love, love, love that t-shirt!
    B) While I agree that Hillary Clinton would probably not pull our troops from Iraq, I don’t think it has a God damned thing to do with her vagina but rather the fact that she’s a closet Republican.

  • http://www.myspace.com/serenitysedai whatsername

    Law Fairy, he says “Hillary will not withdraw from Iraq, as a woman, she will not want that record.”
    I have no idea wtf he thinks he means either :P

  • http://lawfairy.blogspot.com The Law Fairy

    Thanks mara.
    Yeah, hearing it doesn’t make it make any more sense.

  • Vervain

    Law Fairy –
    I think what he’s trying to get at is that she won’t want to go down in history as “the first woman President, who lost us the war in Iraq.”
    Seems to me that he’s a little reality-impaired. If the majority of the country wants us out of Iraq, then Hilary-as-Prez keeping us there might also put a black mark on her paragraph in history texts, and the same principle applies.
    If anything, it just brings into sharp relief how strong the sexism (and racism too, re: Obama) in America is, if there’s an attitude that the first female (or black) President must be absolutely perfect in every way, or no one will ever “risk” voting for one again. Imagine if we applied that attitude to men–bad President X was male, therefore men make bad Presidents.

  • audrey

    “Because she’s a woman.” I feel like I should start a betting pool on how many decisions, actual or potential, made by Hilary Clinton that are going to have that statement made about them before the next election ends. Obviously nothing else could have any impact on any decision she could ever make. Likewise, no male politician will any decision based on the fact that they are a man.
    Also, JaclynF, your mom is awesome!

  • http://www.lawrence.com/blogs/mypunkheart billykeefe

    VERVAIN: You hit the nail on the head with the ‘perfect’ comment. It seems like that notion of a perfect president also has a lot to do with the way we mythologize our government leaders. George Washington, by every account I have ever read in a school textbook, was the ‘perfect’ president. We (meaning people who participate in the mythology of a US nation-state) create big narratives about big men using big lies then tisk-tisk women, people of color and other marginalized folks for not quite being able to fit in the shoes that we purposely tailored to be too big for any human being’s feet.
    Also, I loved the story about your mom.

  • http://tehipitetom.blogspot.com Tom Hilton

    If anything, it just brings into sharp relief how strong the sexism…in America is, if there’s an attitude that the first female…President must be absolutely perfect in every way…

    Well, not just perfect but (in the case of women) more particularly, ‘tough’ enough. Morris is saying, in effect, that if Clinton withdrew from Iraq, it would validate stereotypes of women as ‘soft’ or ‘weak’ (i.e., not insanely macho or testosterone-driven).

    “Because she’s a woman.” I feel like I should start a betting pool on how many decisions, actual or potential, made by Hilary Clinton that are going to have that statement made about them before the next election ends.

    If you do start a pool, I have dibs on “too many to count”.

  • ElleMariachi

    No, she’s not going to pull out of Iraq because her thick ankles will keep her from getting up. Duh!!!
    I want that shirt.

  • SarahMC

    This news makes me reeaally hate WalMart. Even more than I already did.
    I’d like for them to explain, in detail, what exactly is so offensive about this shirt. More offensive than violent video games.

  • http://community.livejournal.com/bust_rx/ Moxie Hart

    Isn’t that shirt of a character from Dennis the Menace?
    Dennis the Menace clearly had a far left-wing agenda.
    Oh wait, no it didn’t.

    It looks remarkably like Margaret from the Dennis the Menace cartoon.
    Checkout this pic I found:

  • era4allNOW

    Tom Hilton, i agree; and the sad thing about if she doesn’t withdraw then she’s soft, is that its also a double-edged sword. I’ve actually heard SOOOO many guys say they will not be voting for Hillary because she’s too “mean”, “bitchy”, “aggressive”…i’ve heard every single one of these words, some more than once by all different people. Either way, i truly don’t think it will matter to people who just refuse to accept a woman as president. Damned if she would, damned if she wouldn’t.

  • ponies and rainbows

    It is Margaret. Also, check out this totally awesome quote from a Wal-Mart spokeswoman:
    “It was determined the T-shirt was offensive to some people and so the decision was made to pull it,” said Wal-Mart spokeswoman Jane Bockholt. She refused to reveal the nature of the customer’s complaint.

  • ponies and rainbows

    Okay, I don’t know why my link for that last quote didn’t go through, but here’s the full URL:

  • Commodore08

    Sometimes I think I don’t even want a female president. Hearing people say shit like this makes me cringe, gives me a stomach ache, darkens my day. If Hilary wins, how frequently will I get those feelings? I mean, every time she does something someone wants to criticize there will be a good chance someone will say it has something to do with the fact that she’s a woman. I don’t know if I have the stomach for that…
    On the other hand, it’s much less acceptable for people to attribute a politicians actions to their race. I haven’t heard Hannity or O’Reilly say he’d do anything yet simply because he’s black. (though of course maybe I just don’t watch Fox News enough). That’s not to say there aren’t racists. But it’s definitely more taboo to say racist things publicly than it is to say sexist. And, well, I just don’t know if I’d be able to tolerate sexist comments day in and day out for an entire presidential term…I mean, of course I would, because it’s a barrier our country needs to get beyond, but it won’t be pleasant.

  • http://stardragonca.livejournal.com/profile StarDragon The Canadian

    Okay,like I know that sexism doesn’t make sense,but now the sexistists aren’t even making any sense! If you know what I mean.

  • Mina

    “Sometimes I think I don’t even want a female president. Hearing people say shit like this makes me cringe, gives me a stomach ache, darkens my day. If Hilary wins, how frequently will I get those feelings?”
    …and what if Hillary wins and runs against Condoleezza in 2012?

  • oenophile

    As pointed out above, the problem with being the first female president or first black president is that the person’s mistakes will be deemed to be the mistakes of the entire gender or race, even when those flaws are unrelated to chromosomes.
    It has often been said that equality will be achieved when mediocre women can be just as successful as mediocre men. :)

  • http://www.myspace.com/theliterateloser Mike

    Those are just as bad as the horrid T-shirts with women in biknis or the word “Pimp” on it. If shit-mart pulled the shirt out then it’s really bad. The right has been attacking Hilary for the last 14 years.. Honestly, why are the conservatives spending their time attacking a centrist like Clinton? Barbra Boxer is to the left of her and I’d rather vote for Boxer then Clinton.

  • Itazura

    Condi Rice’s credibility has been shot to hell, so I don’t think you will see too much of her after January of 2009. Voting for her would be like voting for Paul Wolfowitz, or Dick Cheney; aint gonna happen.
    By contrast if Obama or Mrs. Clinton does great as president, then will that success also be attributed to their gender or race?
    Fred Thompson gives me the creeps, Romney wavers too much and lies about his past, Ruddy wants to appoint criminals to cabinets post, and McCain demonstrated his loss of a grip on reality after he thought a stroll in Baghdad fully armored with an escort of attacks helicopters and a company of soldier meant that the “surge” was working.
    Under no circumstances will I vote for any of those “white men.”
    If you’re dead on set on a conservative, then look at Elizabeth Dole, Senator Snowe.

  • dinogirl

    It’s ‘Senator’ Clinton, not ‘Mrs’ Clinton, Itazura. Senator Obama too, while we’re at it. Why is there this double standard always when referring to her as opposed to the male candidates.

  • http://www.herveryown.com Akeeyu Buttmansion

    Color me confused. According to the article, Wal*Mart pulled the shirts in 1995. I’m not saying that pulling the shirts in 1995 was some enlightened move, I’m just confused as to why it’s news in 2007.

  • Itazura

    My apologies to Senators Obama and Clinton.

  • Itazura

    In my defense I didn’t call McCain of Dole Senator either, but I did write Senator Snowe.

  • Itazura

    I meant to say McCain or Dole. My apologies again.

  • http://lifeaftergonzales.blogspot.com Elise

    …and what if Hillary wins and runs against Condoleezza in 2012?
    Then we’ll have two virtually identical awful female presidential candidates. Though I’ve seen quite a few quotes from GOP officials saying that they’re opposed to fielding a female presidential candidate on what passes for principle (the real question is going to be what squicks out the Republicans more about Rice – the not-being-white thing or the not-being-male thing).

  • Avelyn

    I hate the comments that many Americans make about Hilary. Sure, I don’t agree with her on most things, but not because she has thick ankles or whatever their excuses are. It annoys me when people say she should be more feminine, and I know full well that were she to be more feminine, people would just criticize her for being too soft to get the job done. If people don’t like her, they need to discuss her political positions and not her appearance/masculinity/femininity.
    And on those shirts – how can anyone ever think of those as offensive!?

  • noname

    This is what Morris actually said:
    �You know what, Hillary will not withdraw from Iraq. As a woman, she would not want that record.�

  • http://longhairedweirdo.blogspot.com LongHairedWeirdo

    Yeah, if Senator Clinton is President, she’s going to be more concerned with her image as the first woman President than with what’s good for the country.
    The question is whether it’s sexist, or a hateful slam against Senator Clinton.

  • Melis0812

    Remember when WalMart hesitated and then finally pulled the shirts advocating violence against women? I refuse to shop there!
    Also, I cringed when I saw Mrs. Clinton. THERE IS NO “R” IN MISSES!!!! There’s a reason why they put an “R” there in the abbreviation. Long ago, when women were once considered property upon marriage, Mrs. began for this reason: Mr’s, meaning that the husband showed property over his wife. Please, please, please refrain from using Mrs.!!

  • Mina

    “Also, I cringed when I saw Mrs. Clinton. THERE IS NO ‘R’ IN MISSES!!!!”
    I thought the “r” was there because there is an “r” in “Mistress.”
    “Charity Terry-Lorenzo wrote: ”
    “In college one of my women’s studies professors explained that the title ‘Mrs.’ or ‘Missus’ came from the possessive ‘Master’s’. No one else I’ve spoken to out of college knows about this origin and I was hoping you could tell me if this is correct or not. If it’s not correct, where does ‘Missus’ as a title for a married woman originate? My dictionary tells me that it comes from ‘Mistress’ but that does not currently refer to a married woman (rather to the ‘other’ woman and several other meanings that are not quite ‘a married woman’). Please help clear this up for me.”
    “You’re on the right track, but your professor got the genders confused!
    “The titles Miss and Mrs. are both abbreviations of the word mistress. The missis (or the missus) is a dialectal or informal term for one’s wife, or the mistress (female head) of a household. The pronunciation (MISS-iz, MISS-is) reflects an altered pronunciation of mistress.
    “The word mistress had many meanings in Middle English, some of which are still familiar today: female head of a household, goddess, sweetheart, expert in some occupation, teacher, and governess. Basically, mistress referred to a woman who had expertise, power, and control. But it was also used as a title of courtesy when addressing an unmarried or married woman. The sense to which you refer, the ‘other woman; the woman who occupies the place of wife’ came into English about 1600.
    “The abbreviation or shortened form miss was first used in 1645 (in John Evelyn’s Diary) to mean ‘a concubine; a kept mistress’. About twenty years later, Samuel Pepys first used the term as a capitalized title before the name of a girl or unmarried woman. Around the same time, John Dryden first used Miss as a term of address. There are also examples in which it referred to a female baby.
    “The abbreviation Mrs. was first used in 1615 before the name of a married woman, as it is today. However, to confuse matters, it was also the abbreviation of mistress in all the many senses of that word, and it also distinguished an unmarried woman from a child: ‘Mrs. Veal was a maiden gentlewoman.’ (Daniel Defoe, The History of Colonel Jack)
    “The male equivalent of mistress was master, which meant, among other things, ‘male head of a household’. In the 16th century, master changed to mister and the abbreviation Mr. arose to identify a man but not his marital status.
    “So it appears that the uses of Mr. and Mrs. were somewhat parallel until the 19th century. At that time, Mrs. began to refer only to a married woman.
    “Many people have asked us about the abbreviation Ms. Surprisingly, it was first used as early as 1949, in Mario Pei’s The Story of Language. It may be a blend of Miss and Mrs.