Hungover Feminist Weekly(ish) Report – Series of Fallopian Tubes Edition*

Last night I was excited to attend a dinner as part of the Women’s Information Network (WIN) Women Opening Doors for Women event. The topic of our group dinner was Netroots: Women & the Internet Movement, all about the growing community of women doing progressive online work. Hey, that’s what I do! What was so great about the dinner (aside from the amazing food spread and the special cocktail) was being surrounded by women who work in technology for a lot of great causes. There was networking, venting, some commiserating, and a great show of support for each other.
I asked the willing to share their thoughts towards the end of the evening. And as you’ll notice from the background noise, there was a lot of fun had by all. So, take a look at what some of these great progressive women have to say. It was great to spend some time with peers, with different skills and experience, brought together by a desire to kick ass online. Many thanks to all of you fantastic ladies who shared your thoughs for this video and at the dinner.

For more information about the event and WIN, click here.
* The “series of tubes” is how the always wacky Ted Stevens described the internet last year.
Other titles i came up with were “when men close a door women open a WINdow edition” (get it? WIN, window?) and “Sisters are Doing for the Internet Edition.” See? Those suck even worse.

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