The anti-feminist definition of feminism

Remember our favorite anti-feminist Mike Adams? Well he’s back with a kick-ass definition of feminism. (Because who better to define feminism than a conservative, anti-feminist douchebag?)

Feminism is a minority social movement, whose members murder innocent children in order to obtain sexual gratification.

Oh, I’m sorry, I was just rubbing one out to pictures of dead babies. Back now.
Seriously though, check out his logic. (Love it.)

My understanding of (and disrespect for) the underpinnings of modern feminism was actually fostered by a biologist who once made a very candid remark about the foundation of his support of Darwinism. When asked about the lack of evidence supporting Darwinism – the fossil record, etc. – he confessed there was a very human reason for his faith in evolutionary theory despite the lack of scientific evidence. He confessed that if Darwinism were not true, he wouldn’t be able to sleep around.
As I think about the candid remarks of the freely fornicating biologist, I am reminded of a sociology professor’s response to a film showing an ultrasound of an abortion being performed on a fetus during its so-called first trimester of development. Without addressing the issue of when life actually begins she pleaded for the preservation of a woman’s right to choose by reminding people that a woman who gets pregnant “might not know� or “might not even like� the man who got her pregnant.
The similarities between the remarks of the freely fornicating biologist and the slut-sympathizer-slash-sociologist are analytically indistinguishable. And the remarks of the latter are a grim reminder that the feminist mantra that a “woman has right to control her body� is not a reference to the fetus at all. It is simply a reference to her own body and her desire to share it with those she “might not know� and “might not even like.�

Short version: Feminists want to have sex without getting pregnant and therefore are murdering whores. Yeah, that’s a new one.
Though I have to say, what never ceases to amaze me about these bizarre anti-feminist diatribes is how transparent the misogyny is:

I have come to the firm conclusion that I’ve not been nearly harsh enough in my treatment of feminists. And today I plan to start treating them the way they deserve to be treated.


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