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Liveblogging the Causes in Common conference

TweetContributed by Kate Harding Yesterday I got an e-mail informing me that Feministing’s Jen had thrown out her back and couldn’t attend the first ever Causes in Common Meeting today and the SisterSong Conference over the next few days as planned. Having the extensive qualifications of being a Chicago blogger who was available to do [...]
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Fake Benetton campaign?

TweetJust so you know: Seems the Colors of Domestic Violence campaign may not be an official Benetton thing. Broadsheet reports that a senior fashion public relations manager for the company says that Benetton has never heard of the campaign. So where in the world did this thing come from? Tweet
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Sperm: The new crack

Tweet In perhaps the best titled article ever, “Crying Over Spilled Semen,” Psychology Today reports on a study that basically says women are addicted to semen. Hilarious. The finding that women who do not use condoms during sex are less depressed and less likely to attempt suicide than are women who have sex with condoms [...]
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Gentrification, Hipsters and “Ghetto Chic.”

TweetThis post by Wendy Muse on Racialicious just about sums up (really well) what I have been feeling about the hipsters all up in “our hoodz stealin all our fashionz.” I also feel old as I wore door knockers the first time around (NY in the 80′s) eeek. Muse is discussing all her personal negotiations [...]
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Armpits are the new black.

TweetDove’s Real Beauty Campaign has had its fair share of successes and critiques, yet while they have been pushing this idea of “real beauty,” it seems that they also think that should exclude your armpits. Like we don’t have enough body parts to obsess over. The slogan, “Are you sleeveless ready?” says enough about what [...]
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