Fun with Feminist Flickr (embracing feminist stereotypes edition)

I bought my first Birkenstocks last weekend. Now I’m a real feminist.
Via me.

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  • Ashlyn

    Birkenstocks are amazing. :)

  • norbizness

    I’m going to reserve judgment until you can start braiding your armpit hair.

  • annajcook

    The cover of your next book can have a picture of your feet in Birks ;o).

  • carolina girl

    I believe I still have a pair of Birks in my closet somewhere from my brief flirtation with the Grateful Dead and all things that reek of patchouli. They were comfortable, I’ll admit, but they really made my feet stink, which I did not understand. How can sandals make your feet stink? (Meanwhile, my beloved Docs have never smelled as bad as those Birkenstocks probably still smell. Haha).

  • W. Kiernan

    I thought buying Birkenstocks made you a hippie, not a feminist. Not that one can’t be both, of course, but according to the stereotypes you can’t be a hippie at the same time you’re a focused feminist because you’d be all, like, stoned, man.

  • EG

    Birkenstocks like, totally discriminate against those of us with narrow feet and flat arches! I am appalled that you’d contribute to their hegemony!

  • ikkin

    On a side note, I love your bag.

  • Karen

    Williamsburg! I can tell from the brick (how scary is that?). I loved my years at William and Mary.

  • Genny

    Oh, but EG, they have narrow foot birks now! They’re fantastic! Of course, I have narrow feet with high arches, so I guess that’s a whole different ball game.
    Hope you enjoy them, Jessica!

  • Jenny Dreadful

    I’m with Carolina Girl. I had a pair of Birks in college, and the cork soles were amazing, melding perfectly to the arches of my feet. However, they made my feet smell like monkey shit, and in the end, the tradeoff wasn’t worth it.

  • redwards

    Shout out to Karen! i love Williamsburg, it’s like living where brick went to die. as for Birkenstocks, had a pair since i was 15, and 11 years and three babies later, i’m starting to think they’ll outlast me!

  • NTodd

    Ach, my 15yo pair of Birks have finally given up the ghost. Not even worth recorking, so I guess I should follow suit and get me some new footwear for Global Warming Summer 2007.

  • Zoe

    yeah – but what color?

  • Moxie Hart

    Are Birkenstocks comfortable? They look really hard, the straps kind of freak me out. Whenever I wear non flip flop sandals with straps like that, I get huge blisters.
    I also have v. narrow feet, but they make narrow ones now? Excellent.
    My Docs have never smelled bad. But I think that’s b/c of the socks I wear. I’ve found that synthetic socks=smell feet. Baby powder helps though.

  • One Jewish Dyke

    They don’t make my feet smell bad. I have plantar fasciitis and wear almost nothing else. I have sandals, clogs, and loafers made by Birkenstock, and hiking boots made by Merrell, and that’s it. I also have flat feet, though wide ones, and they work for me just fine.
    If the straps scare you, there are a bunch of styles that don’t look like what you think of when you hear Birkenstock. Look for the Leyla or Morgan styles.

  • Jelperman

    I have plantar fasciitis and wear almost nothing else.
    I just had a bone spur removed and sneakers are the only thing in my size I can wear. Do birkenstocks come in a men’s size 16? I couldn’t care less what they look like if they don’t hurt my feet.
    By the way Jessica, nice legs!

  • Bowleserised

    They’re a darn sight better for your feet than Dr Scholl, that’s all I’ll say.

  • LM

    i have to give a shout-out to Birks too. I just got my first pair about 10 days ago. I have
    plantar fascitis and live and walk in NYC, so comfortable footwear is essential. I rock them proudly and laugh on the inside as I see foolish girls flip-flop by on the dirty streets…they better wise up and start wearing supportive shoes or they’ll have foot problems too! and try the thong styles, they don’t look too frumpy, also they also have some nice metallicy colors that are kinda trendy. I wore mine for 12 hours the first day and they didn’t blister at all.

  • Devan

    I would recognize that brick anywhere. I’m a Women’s Studies major at W&M, and I STILL don’t own birks, though…

  • One Jewish Dyke

    Jelperman, you may be in luck. It looks like they go up to size 50, which is listed as the equivalent of men’s 17-17.5.
    I sometimes get blisters from a new pair, but no worse than other new shoes. Then once I break them in, they are fine.

  • Jelperman

    I just might give ‘em a try then. Thanks for the tip.

  • Jelperman

    I think I’ll try ‘em out. Thanks for the tip.