Hungover Feminist Report – Low(er) tech edition

Due to some technical difficulties (namely my lack of internet access at home), there’s no video this week. However, I do have a little story, and a follow-up question for everyone.
Last night I went out with some friends to celebrate an engagement. Good times. At bar number two, randomly, some guy (I’ll call him White Linen Pants, or WLP for short) came over and hugged and kissed by friend on the head. Awkward! Later, we were dancing, and he came back again. And again. And again. Awkward the first time. Vaguely funny the second time. Irritating the third time. Seriously pissing me off by the fourth time. And this shit happens all the time. Nothing rare about it. This is not behavior I see women engaging in.
Sure, drunk people tend to be more friendly with strangers, which is fine. Maybe we’ll talk to a group of people, but I’ve never seen a woman repeatedly return, touching, and physically pushing her way into a group like that. Here’s what bugs me about it. At least two of the times WLP came to visit, none of us even talked to him. I certainly didn’t say, “Hey, come over here, WLP. Put your arm around me, too.” Don’t even get me started on the woman he held on his shoulder and asked us to give “birthday spankings” to.
Before starting to write this, I took a little survey of some of the women I was with, and asked them, after the numerous visits, why didn’t anyone tell him to go away. I got a few different answers. Some said because WLP wasn’t really near them, or dancing with or hugging them individually, he wasn’t bothering them. Another said she thought he was funny. And another said it never even occurred to her to ask him to go away. That got me thinking. Because I did think about asking him to go away. But I didn’t. Not because I wasn’t adamant about him leaving, but because I was worried about how it would seem. I didn’t want to be the angry, mean girl. I didn’t want to “spoil the fun.” Except this guy’s presence was spoiling some of the fun for me.
Instead of just having a great time with my friends, every time he came over, he was the center of attention, and I was annoyed. Along with the hangover, this left me thinking, especially about my very cool, feminist friend who didn’t consider the option of asking this guy to go somewhere else.
I swear this isn’t a plug, but one thing that has been sticking with me from Jessica’s book is how important it is to analyze the things we do from a feminist perspective. Not to follow any sort of rules, but to really think about the reasons behind behavior. So that’s what I’m doing.
Now, you help. What do you all think? Why didn’t anyone say something (at least among those of us who wanted WLP to fuck off)? Was it the booze that made me want to put being “nice” to someone else above my own good time? And if, as someone just suggested to me, you think I’m “overreacting,” why do you think so?

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