Nigerian lesbians go into hiding.

According to sharia laws in some place men can take up to four wives. So what happens when a woman decided that she is going to take on four wives herself? They have to go into hiding because if caught they are either stoned to death or canned.

Kano’s Hisbah board, which uses volunteers to enforce Islamic law, told the BBC that the women’s marriage was “unacceptable”.
The BBC’s Bala Ibrahim in Kano says Aunty Maiduguri and her four “wives” are thought to have gone into hiding the day after they married.
All five women, who are believed to be film actresses in the local home-video industry, were born Muslims, otherwise they would not be covered by Sharia law.

Home-video industry? That sounds totally shady.
When men take more than one wife, that is some type of hyper-masculinized heterosexuality (even though in some way those women are married to each other, they are not given as many legitimate rights as men, but it is not your typical heteronormative relationship). But when women do it, they are constructed as run-away lesbians and have to go into hiding. I am scared for them.
via BBC.

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