Amusing headline of the day.

“Why Feminist Mommies Are Like Pimps.�
SO true.

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  • EvilPotato

    You know, the worst thing to me about all of this is that the whole semi-retarded, illogically constructed argument about Kiera Knightley’s mom and Lindsay Lohan and OMG teh lesbian sex!!1! is completely specious.
    It’s a conflation of a rumor started by Lindsay Lohan after she dropped out of the project, and has no basis in the script (or the eventual movie that will be shot) at all. I believe Lohan’s words were “lesbian undertones.” The Knightley camp promptly denied everything, and then rags like Page Six started reporting that there were full-on nudie lesbo sex scenes.
    So not only is this guy stupid, he doesn’t fact-check. And neither does the “paper” (or whatever) that he works for. The whole piece is just cheap, sensationalist pulp crap.