Touch the girl and see if she is a witch?

Apparently Nintendo DS has a game out called Doki Doki Majo Saiban. And what is the object of the game? Touch the scantily-clad prepubescent looking girl to see if she is a witch! And the description from a gamer blog:

It’s the most infamous DS game we’ve never played. And we know surprisingly little about Doki Doki Majo Saiban. Intertube reaction has run the gamut of amused (us) to critical (others) and in denial (others). Some are claiming the title is flat out porn, while some state that there’s no way Nintendo would let that happen. We doubt that the game is at either end of the pole and still giggle at the newly minted touch-a-girl-to-see-if-she’s-a-witch sub-genre.

Yes, because there is nothing cuter than young gamers who already have fucked up ideas about women because of the weird ways they are depicted in most video games to connect the dots from young and *slutty* to witch-ly.
I am laughing OUT LOUD.

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