Arrested for a kiss?

This is ridiculous.

An Indian judge today issued arrest warrants for Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty for contravening the country’s public obscenity laws by embracing and kissing at an Aids awareness event, a report said.

Not only are people totally freaking out about this in India, including burning effigies of Gere (wtf) but Shetty is being constructed as the “virgin” of the Hindu nation (who must be protected from the nefarious influence of Western influence, which, I think is too late to do, since she was on the UK version of Big Brother, but I digress). I mean I understand inappropriate displays of affection may make some people uncomfortable, but to make such a huge media spectacle out of it is a little over the top. It must be a publicity stunt.
Thanks to Tze from PublicAddress for the heads up.

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