Hungover Feminist Weekly Report – Pop Culture Fever Edition

This week’s video is up early because I’m going to be heading up to New York for the big Feministing Birthday shindig tomorrow.

P.S. Trust me, my taste in television shows is the least of hundreds of embarrassing things about me. Come to the party tomorrow and I promise you’ll see at least a dozen.

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  • cherylp

    Great insights Jen, I agree. A lot of people apparently didn’t get the memo that you can like to wear a dress AND be a boxer. Who knew? As a personal aside, this reminds me of a few of my girlfriends. We all studied geology (I’ve moved on, but they are still in the field), and so had/have physical, dirty, male-dominated jobs. The fucked up thing is that men who meet them/me think it’s ‘cute’, or some kind of novelty, like “oh that’s so sexy that you’re pretty but have difficult jobs”, which also really fucking pisses me off. End rant.

  • manda

    I’ve recently spent a lot of time trying to get people to understand that it is not only acceptable, but actually pretty common, for people to have interests in the both traditionally male and traditionally female spheres… and I’m kinda getting fucking tired of it!
    My seven-year-old daughter is very athletic, interested in motorcycles, and likes to fix things around the house – with her own toolbox filled with real tools. For some reason, this just shocks the hell out of some people – especially parents of other girls. It gets even worse when they find out she also loves Polly Pockets, cooking, and has her room painted bright pink. I always wonder if these people have sad little one-dimensional kids or if they’re just too caught up in sad stereotypes to pay attention to who their kids actually are. It’s frustrating as hell.

  • aideen

    Jen, I love your weekly reports, they’re always food for thought. Actually, this week has been my favourite yet, partly cos I’m a pop culture whore myself. However – please do something about the framing. Your face is always at the very bottom of the screen with about 100 metres of wall above you and it’s very distracting!