Tsunami victims overwhelmingly female.

According to a study done in New Delhi women have been and continue to be mistreated after the tsunami in South Asia 3 years ago. I write about this as there was another tsunami yesterday and I immediately thought about what happens to women in times of stress.

The report finds that women from South East Asia who survived the December 26th 2004 are subjected to abuse and violence by their husbands who waste economic aid on “alcohol and gambling�, but also by the sexual tourism industry which exploits their poverty forcing them to prostitute themselves.
Sriyani Perera, Action Aid International’s women rights coordinator for Asia, explains that “The men would often beat their wives after getting drunk and would force them to have sex sometimes in front of children, in the camps,� where many tsunami homeless still live. Sriyani recalls the tragedy of widows from Tamil Nadu, Southern India, who sell their kidneys to buy food for their children, but never receive the promised sum.

via Asianews.

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