Rock Stars Come in Small Sizes

Contributed by Suzanne Grossman
I first met Hugo Orozco and Zora Sicher of the band Magnolia at the inaugural Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls in August 2005. While most girls returned to the post-camp real world of school, friends and typical after-school activities, these girls kept at their rock band with rehearsals, songwriting and soon, performances all over NYC.
The 11-year-old girls of Magnolia have songs like “Miss Scream-a lot” and “Whatcha Gonna Do”; how can you not find them adorable? But the drum and guitar-playing duo are more than just super cute. These girls write their own songs, each sing and play two instruments in the band, and are now seasoned performers at classy NYC rock venues like the Bowery Ballroom (opening for indie rockers Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at a Rock Camp benefit in January), the Knitting Factory, and CBGB’s, performing at the latter the weekend it closed. They are preparing for a show hosted by the Wilie Mae Rock Camp for Girls this weekend at the Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday, April 7.
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