Lesbian (rich, white) spring break.

I is pickin’ on the Times lately. It’s yet another NYT piece about the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but this time, it’s the lesbian rich and famous. Dinah Shore Weekend is the oh-so-fabulous lesbian party that some claim is “‘getting us closer to civil rights.'” Huh?
Dinah is more-or-less a party that is attempting to emulate the parties often shown at the end of L-Word episodes, and is actually frequently attended by cast members. (The Dinah party was shown in the first season of the series and its attendance has skyrocketed since.) While the article does call the party out for what it seems to be, which is “Girls Gone Wild for Girls (and Marketing),” it used that to push the whole “hot lesbian sex” element enough to make me nauseous; for example, featured pictures of the party include two attractive women making out, as well as – I kid you not – a close up of two women’s chests. Now I realize why they covered this story!
Need I say more?

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