Debunking Media Myths

Whew. So my panel is over and I can relax a little bit. (At least until tomorrow when I’m moderating a panel chock full of funny ladies, including Mikheala Reid.)
I’m at a panel run by the very cool Caryl Rivers on media myths like the “boy crisis.”
Another media narrative they’re discussing is the myth that professionally accomplished women make for bad wives, or have bad relationships. Well, shit…I’ve had my fair share of bad breakups but I’m pretty sure it didn’t have much to do with how well I was doing at work.
I love these ladies…they’re talking about how the Forbes debacle actually turned out okay for women. Women were so outraged by the article that they really had to eat their words and admit, well, that they were full of shit.
I really need to get this powerpoint, they also have a lot of fantastic info and stats debunking the male brain/female brain differences myths. (And boy are there a lot of them.)
My question is–yeah, so what do we do? I mean, we see these kind of bullshit stories all the time…but how do we call them out in a way that does more than piss off a couple of feminist bloggers.

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