Keroack’s “private practice” is his crisis-pregnancy center

Looks like “Dr.” Eric Keroack resigned because the Massachusetts Office of Medicaid is investigating his private medical practice.
MassHealth officials aren’t releasing the details on the investigation. The AP reports that his practice is based in Marblehead, MA. And indeed, that’s the address on his state registration: 14 Willow Rd., Marblehead, MA. But when I called the phone number listed with that address, I got what was clearly a home answering machine, not a doctor’s office. And a simple reverse-phone lookup shows it is indeed a residential address — not a medical practice.
So where is Keroack’s private practice that is under investigation, if not in Marblehead? The address listed for his practice by the hospital he’s affiliated with, North Shore Medical Center, is 103 Broadway, Revere, MA. This is the address of one of the outposts of his crisis-pregnancy center chain, A Woman’s Concern.
The AP report implied that, because Keroack’s practice is supposedly located in Marblehead, where there is no branch of A Woman’s Concern, that the Medicaid investigation into Keroack’s “private practice” is not an investigation into his crisis-pregnancy center. Seems to me that could be wrong, and it’s possible the investigation — and Keroack’s subsequent resignation — are related to his affiliation with the crisis-pregnancy center.
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Update: Planned Parenthood reports that Evelyn Kappeler, the current Acting Deputy Director for Population Affairs will be replacing Keroack.
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