Ending violence against women: community approaches

A new study by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) shows that violence against women can be significantly affected by community-based interventions.
“Programming to Address Violence Against Women,” reports on 10 case studies showing how targeted and planned interventions actually reduce gender-based violence.
Read the rest at UN Dispatch.
Related: We’re in the middle of the 51st session of the Commission on the Status of Women. I’m hoping our girl Gwen (cough, cough) will give us a report from thr ground.

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  • A.Renee

    I’m new to the site but just wanted to thank you guys for posting this new study. Violence against women remains one of the most pervasive human rights abuses worldwide. It’s also the most hidden. Everyone, from the government level to the community, has an important role to play in preventing these injustices and protecting women’s rights.

  • http://babypop.blogspot.com BabyPop

    Thanks – downloaded the PDF and will read when I have a chance.