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Rape victim thrown in jail, denied EC

TweetYou’ve got to love a system that allows a rape survivor to be thrown in jail after reporting the assault. A young woman was raped by a man who grabbed her as she was walking to her car from a local parade. After she called police and reported the crime, it was discovered that she [...]
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To the left, to the left. . .

TweetEver since I got cable (bad choice when you have as much to do as I) but I have been watching a ton of Vh1 Soul, soooo good. And I love this song. All I can say, “I can have another you in a minute, so don’t ever get to thinking your irreplacable. . . [...]
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This story is AWFUL.

TweetI love you feministing for giving me a platform to rival this evil, expose it, make it known and fight it. I love you feministing commentators for kicking commenting butt. This story is awful. And so is this thread that followed it at Digg. Please a) start a more appropriate discussion here and b) go [...]
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Guest blogger du jour: Jill Morrison on laws that punish pregnant women

Tweet Jill Morrison is Senior Counsel at the National Women’s Law Center and was a speaker at the NAPW conference on the panel “How might you be prosecuted? Let me count ways: Punishing pregnant women based on claims of fetal rights and the war on drugs.” I am the kind of attorney that doesn’t actually [...]
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You like us! You really, really like us!

TweetEverything about this rubbed me the wrong way. This weekend’s World Economic Forum held a “Powerful Womenâ€? reception, which was co-sponsored by Forbes and Ernst & Young. The welcoming speeches were given by the (male) CEOs of the companies as well. You can try to redeem yourself, Forbes… Heads of state, ministers and chief executives [...]
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