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Would you like a frappuccino with your baby?

TweetRecent research has shown that pregnant women going full-term can drink coffee without the fear of health risks. While studies have alleviated the perception that drinking coffee while pregnant can lead to miscarriages or birth defects, it was just this most recent study which found that women can get their caffeine fix without fear of [...]
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Fox News lies about Feministing

TweetI just found this and I’m pissed the fuck off. “iFeminist” Wendy McElroy has written a piece for Fox News, Continuing to Defame the ‘Duke 3′ as Rapists, where we’re misquoted: Even the popular gender feminist site Feministing had conceded “it probably isn’t appropriate to continue calling this the ‘Duke rape case’.” That’s funny, because [...]
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Japan’s “rent-a-fling” service.

TweetThere will be no sex with the male escort. Or so they say at Precious a “rent -a-fling” service employing 1,500 male escorts. “Our customers are mainly women working in the adult entertainment business, but following them are housewives and office ladies in their 30s. Recently, we’ve also noticed an increase in housewives in their [...]
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This made me tear a bit.

TweetYeah yeah, so the Golden Globes were a while ago. But I just started watching Ugly Betty online and now I’m hooked. And I super duper love this girl. Tweet
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Move over, virgin brides.

Tweet‘Cause you’re guaranteed full submission with these lovely ladies. This is some seriously creepy shit. It’s terrifying when a patriarchal tradition not only extends into the afterlife, but when women are slaughtered in order to respect it. Two Chinese women were killed by three men and were then sold (their corpses, that is) as “ghost [...]
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