Take action for rape survivor in Florida

Planned Parenthood has an action item for the young woman who was put in jail and denied emergency contraception after being raped. Take action here and contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

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  • http://www.ShawnaAtteberry.com shawnarenee

    I was so angry when I read this. Every officer on duty that night should be fired. How could they arrest her on such a puny warrant when she had been raped? It’s outrageous.

  • http://pandanose.wordpress.com mk

    I loved the wording in the AP article I read this morning–essentially that everyone involved had to apologize, and they’ve adopted a new policy that arresting victims of assault or other traumatic abuse within a set time period should be avoided as much as possible. Hmm, that’s delightfully specific…

  • VJfeminista

    Thanks for posting this link. When I heard about this story it really upset me. Rape is such a horrible thing to go through, and to have no one listen or even care about what happened to you is rediculous.

  • Sylke

    I am beyond disgusted. The only way this can be resolved is if she sues the hell out of everyone involved, gets paid a shitload of money, the attacker is put away for the rest of his worthless life, and the officers and pharmicist involved are all fired and never allowed to work in their fields again.
    Sometimes I really hate this country.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/31585320 Heraclitus

    When I click on the action link, the letter form is blank and only addressed to “Decision Maker.” Is this something wrong with my computer, or is everyone getting that? Any suggestions on what to write? I can’t think of anything that doesn’t involve the phrase “you stupid pigfuckers.”

  • Sylke

    Go ahead and write what you want to write and hit “send” – it’ll be formatted and sent with all of your information added (you add your information on the right-hand side of the page, after you draft your letter).
    You may also print your letter out to mail. The mailing address for the Hillsborough COunty Sheriff’s Office is:
    PO Box 3371
    Tampa, FL 33601

  • Maurag

    Unfortunately the required information fields on the letter site include American states, so people living outside America don’t seem to be able to contribute.
    If I burned a church or any other place of worship because I happen to be an atheist, that would be infringing other people’s freedom. But a religious person can drastically change the course of someone else’s life because they happen to be against contraception? Something’s warped.

  • Sylke

    In case you want to demand the medical supervisor’s resignation:
    Armor Correctional Health Services
    Corporate Office
    Armor Correctional Health Services, Inc.
    4960 S.W. 72nd Ave. Suite 400
    Miami, FL 33155
    Phone: 954-979-8585
    Fax: 954-979-8845
    Flint Junod
    Market Development
    Pat Stanberry
    Career Opportunities
    Bruce Teal, CEO
    Edalina Perez-Llaudy, Human Resources

  • http://sgtmums.blogspot.com SgtMum

    The pharmacist and the county claim that her refusal to fill the prescription was due to a lack of the proper paperwork, not religious convictions. Scumbags all of them.

  • Scarlet

    That’s probably the lamest excuse I’ve heard in a long time.

  • Malaika924

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve just sent my outrage letter.

  • http://www.soapboxblog.com Chari

    Thank you for posting this — I’ve been looking for some way to contact these morons. I just sent my email.

  • Daniella

    What’s especially disgusting about this is that the assault occurred during the “afternoon parade” as part of the city’s Gasparilla celebration, widely noted for the danger, especially to women, of the event. The Tampa community knows this festival and its reputation and braces for trouble, but they never expect it to come from the police and not the attending public.
    Of course, none of this is an excuse; the city or the festival organizers should have taken action to clean up the act ages ago.
    How ridiculous. No amount of clean-up or apology is going to fix this ludicrous media circus or this repulsive decision of the state. I sent my letter, you better believe it.
    The Miami Herald has another appropriately nonsensical story via the AP. (link)

  • http://feministing.com Jami

    jesus. it doesn’t stop.
    kansas city police just arrested a woman in the middle of a miscarriage, which she completed in a jail cell:
    there’s some pretty excruciating video of this one on the abcnews site.

  • http://benwaxman.com Ben Waxman

    I have a local blog about Philadelphia and I wrote about this issue. Is there anything we can do on the local level to make sure this doesn’t happen? It’s an election year and most of City Council is strongly pro-choice. At the very least, would it be useful to pass symbolic resolutions at the local level?

  • http://midgetqueen.blogspot.com midgetqueen

    Sent mine. Bloggin’ it. Thanks so much for the update.

  • Sylke

    Re: The video of the arrest of Sofia Silva: Disgusting. The best part is when the pregnant woman tells the police officer she’s bleeding, to which the officer replies: “How is that my problem?”
    I have to wonder if our lovely government is going to start grinding us up and putting us in fertilizer.

  • mimo92

    I sent the link to my friend in New York and not only was she infuriated by this, but she also said that she would send it to all of her friends. One small victory, right? What I’m most mad at is that I live in Tampa. They really disappointed me. I hope that our letters stop this from happening again.

  • http://balexgilbert.livejournal.com Brittany G.

    This makes me so sad. I cannot believe that they could get away with that. It is a sad thing when someone can deny a victim the care that they are entitled to. Are they, then, going to help raise her child if she ends up pregnant? Are they going to shell out $300,000 for the first seventeen years, and then $55,000 a year for college for that child?
    People can be so horrible and inconsiderate to others. It makes me want to scream!

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