Official candidate of the sisterhood?

sisterhood_poster.jpgIn case you’ve been in hiding for the past two weeks, you should know that everyone is running for president. And they’re starting now. I’m pretty sure Dem Hill staffers are still hung-over from all the celebrating, but even though winter came late, spring is coming early in Washington. Joe Biden has already stepped in it (again), and he only officially announced his candidacy yesterday. Nice.
While Congressional leadership is trying to get work done, it seems everyone else is starting to take sides. As women sign up to work with anyone but Senator Clinton, of course, they’re being asked why. That’s the bad news. The good news is they’re all giving the same answer. Being a woman does not get you the automatic support of women. There’s no vagina litmus test, people. Congratulations on your new gigs, Kate, Eureka,and Amanda. For the rest of you out there, am I wrong? Should women, especially feminists be supporting Hillary by default?

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