It’s ba-ack….

South Dakota is at it again. A new abortion ban bill is expected to be revealed today at the state Capitol–and this time around it will have exceptions for rape, incest and the health of the woman. (So generous, I know.)

“Legislators in the House and Senate who did not vote in favor of the bill that was passed last year say that they would support such a bill that had exceptions for rape and incest and clearly defined health exceptions,� [Rep. Don Van Etten, R-Rapid City] said.
…Kate Looby, state director for Planned Parenthood in South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota, also was in the Capitol on Monday. She said the lawmakers were “ignoring South Dakota voters,â€? who rejected an abortion ban last November.
The only exception in that measure was to save the life of the mother, but Looby said she believed South Dakotans would not accept the new measure either. “I think the people of South Dakota want the government to stay out of this private, personal family matter,� she said.

Let’s hope so. But this is going to mean a change of fighting words on our part. After all, a lot of what pro-choicers talked about when trying to defeat the last ban was the lack of exceptions…
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