This made me tear a bit.

Yeah yeah, so the Golden Globes were a while ago. But I just started watching Ugly Betty online and now I’m hooked. And I super duper love this girl.

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  • norbizness

    Stamos?!? Holy Christ!

  • carolina girl

    Ugly Betty is such a misnomer. I, personally, think that America Ferrera is absolutely beautiful. I have not seen the show though.

  • elektrodot

    yea, but then look at what happened after her speech…a lady that was interviewing for E! television completely ignored her when she was standing right next to her and then when she finally did acknowledge her presense, she said “so, how do you feel about all the people that didnt want you to win?” to which america was visibly taken aback and confused. total weirdness

  • The Law Fairy

    I loved Forest Whitaker’s comment at the SAG Awards when they presented together. He looked at her and said “so you’re Ugly Betty? More like America the Beautiful.”
    I heart Forest Whitaker (and America, of course) :)

  • Aerik Knapp-Loomis

    Ugly Betty is such a misnomer. I, personally, think that America Ferrera is absolutely beautiful.

    I know! I have to admit, I’d been hearing about Ugly Betty for a while, but had not bothered to tune in. It sounded like a stupid premise to me. OK, it still does. But I’ve known girls in high school who dressed like Betty does, have the same thick glasses, mouth full of braces. Take away the occasional pizza-face full of acne, and I knew several Ugly Betties. And you know what? All still beautiful, in my opinion.
    Forest Whitaker is an interesting guy. I hate his acting, always some near-suicidal-sounding psychic or something, but still. Interesting guy.

  • Roni

    I sooo love America. Those of you not watching are totally missing out. But that’s ok…more America for me!
    Viva Latinas!

  • prairielily

    The premise is to make fun of soap operas and the fashion industry. The fact that America Ferrera is so pretty just makes it more entertaining.
    There’s actually one recent episode where the actress who plays one of the “pretty” characters dons frumpy clothes and braces to play someone “ugly.” She’s hilarious both ways, but it just goes to show you how our notions of beauty are tied into unfair standards. Same person, but with braces, glasses, and an unfortunate sweater, they are now ugly? There’s something wrong with that.

  • Mary B

    I should really watch it some time. Does anyone know when reruns of the first episodes are on?

  • paleblue

    Aerik, I’m not sure what you mean by “take away the occasional pizza face full of acne…” I might be misreading your comment, but it seems that you’re saying that acne disqualifies a person from being beautiful. Even if that’s not what you intended, the term “pizza face” rubs me the wrong way. Would you use that term in front of a person who is dealing with acne?
    I’m very bothered by the fact that no matter how far we come in accepting different body types, the expectation of perfect skin is ever-present. A company will be praised for using a zaftig woman in an ad, but where are the models with skin imperfections? The psychological pain that acne causes is real and powerful, and I wonder why even progessive people seem not to care. I’m off on a bit of a tangent, but I’m curious about others’ thoughts.

  • Caro

    I *looooove* Ugly Betty, and especially America Ferrera. She is certainly a beautiful woman on the outside (appropriately making the “Ugly Betty” concept ridiculous), but much, much more importantly she is beautiful on the inside. Her acceptance speech definitely made me tear up – I just want to be friends with her! :)
    Mary B, you can watch the entire series so far streaming online for free at It’s great!

  • Colleen

    i haven’t seen the show, but that’s largely because i didn’t realize America Ferrera was in it. I fell in love with her in the silly Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie
    isn’t this show a re-make of a Mexican soap opera? I feel like it is. I’m pretty sure I watched it in Spanish class.

  • Aerik Knapp-Loomis

    Mary B, I meant that if you took away the acne, I’ve known a few girls who would be almost dopplegangers of “Ugly Betty.” Otherwise perfectly pretty and normal people who have the Betty fashion sense and America’s complexion and skin, who have to wear glasses and braces and suddenly the rest of it doesn’t matter. Unlike the glasses and braces, the acne is natural, so it mars the comparison. I’m betting when the acne goes away (if it hasn’t already) then there’s several more girls I know who are probably called “ugly betty” by their friends as an official nickname now. This isn’t my opinion of acne or whatever, I’m describing how they were seen and how they are surely seen now as a comparison to the actual character Betty.

  • Colleen

    just in case anyone cares…i checked, and i wasn’t imagining the orignal show.
    it was a Mexican telenovela that ran for two years under the title “Yo Soy Betty, la Fea”

  • tink

    Betty la Fea was great. America is lovely, and I like that she is getting so much attention, as she does not have the standard Hollywood starlet body, but dang, I was annoyed when this started, because it was received as an “original idea.” Telemundo anybody?

  • alicetiara

    The original is Columbian. The show has been very clear that it is part of the “Betty la Fea” franchise, which has about 20 different versions (in India, Germany, Greece, Israel, etc.). Each version of the show is localized; for example, the Indian show does not show any kissing, but the same general idea/plot lines are common to all the shows. This is similar to the way that reality shows like Top Model and Project Runway are franchised to various different countries. It’s a cheap way for networks to leverage their properties globally.
    (I am a media studies PhD student, and we use Ugly Betty as an example of media globalization. Now that the US version is so popular, it’s an even better example.)
    Entertainment Weekly had a very amusing matrix a few months ago where they rated all the different Ugly Bettys. They all have glasses and braces! More here:

  • FuriousFemale

    My mom and sister love this show. I haven’t watched it but I think I may start recording on my DVR. Americs Ferarra is a damn good actress. I highly recommend “Real Women have Curves”.

  • tink

    alicetiara – Haven’t watched the show; I can appreciate that it’s honest. The “original idea” thing was from reviews. Funny… apparently media education is not required for media reviewers.
    Glamour recently did a piece showcasing America.

  • arcticwoman

    Boo. The free episodes are only available within the United States. I guess Canadians are not allowed to love America.

  • Justin

    I don’t like that Amy Gardiner lost (RIP West Wing)… but whatever, America is so fucking cute/awesome it’s ok.

  • Taisa-Marie

    She was gorgeous at the awards. I loved how her dress actually fit her, instead of hang off of her like so many other actresses. :)

  • arse poetica

    I only watched about 4 minutes of this awards show, but it was a lucky 4 minutes, because I got to hear America’s acceptance speech, and I teared up a little, too. She was so lovely and sincere.

  • GwynnC

    I scanned the award show on fast-forward but slowed it down and watched the few times someone of interest to me was on stage. America’s win was one of them. She is glorious. I totally love her, the character “Ugly Betty� and the show. I too, got a little weepy as she gave her acceptance speech.