Rape victim thrown in jail, denied EC

You’ve got to love a system that allows a rape survivor to be thrown in jail after reporting the assault.
A young woman was raped by a man who grabbed her as she was walking to her car from a local parade. After she called police and reported the crime, it was discovered that she had an arrest warrant out for her.

It was from an arrest when the woman was a juvenile and she was accused of not paying restitution. The woman says she was not aware there was a warrant out for her, and her attorney says it appears to be a paperwork error.
“They were more interested in prosecuting her for something that’s a paperwork snafu from four years ago, that was juvenile. They were more interested in working on that than finding an experienced rapist,” stated the victim’s mother.
Still, the woman was put in handcuffs and taken to jail. She was not allowed bond, and the medical staff at the jail refused to give her the Morning After Pill even though it had been prescribed at the hospital.

Apparently the medical supervisor at the jail wouldn’t allow her to take EC because it was against her religion.
“So, here we have a medical supervisor imposing her beliefs on a rape victim,” said attorney Virlyn Moore. “As a human being, how someone could be so violated by this monster and then the system comes along and rapes her again psychologically and emotionally – it’s outrageous and unconscionable.”
The young woman was arrested on a Saturday, and wasn’t able to leave jail until Monday afternoon. After being raped. Just sit on that one for a while. Unbelievable.

Via Feminists to the Rescue.

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