Japan’s “rent-a-fling” service.

There will be no sex with the male escort. Or so they say at Precious a “rent -a-fling” service employing 1,500 male escorts.

“Our customers are mainly women working in the adult entertainment business, but following them are housewives and office ladies in their 30s. Recently, we’ve also noticed an increase in housewives in their 40s and 50s,” Haruki Kamisato, the head of Precious, tells Shukan Post.
Women pay a basic fee of 10,000 yen for a two-hour session, but some women will also pay more to have the escort give them a sensuous massage.

Um, yeah I am SURE they are only getting massages. But what is more interesting than this? The claim that women do this for more philosophical reasons.

Unlike men who use paid escorts primarily because they want to relieve sexual frustration, women into the rent-a-fling caper are seeking something a little more philosophical.
“Just seeing the faces of people who notice you walking around with a gorgeous guy on your arms is enough. My husband treats me like little more than a maid, so the attention I get when being with a cute young guy makes up for that,” another housewife, this one a 40-something woman, says. “I might get the occasional sensual massage, but we never have sex.”

That is so profound. Although, some women may be using this service for the attention they get from the men, I am sure there are other reasons as well. And maybe not as often as men, but please believe, women do pay men to have sex as well.
Still thought it was an interesting story.

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