Fox News lies about Feministing

I just found this and I’m pissed the fuck off.
“iFeminist” Wendy McElroy has written a piece for Fox News, Continuing to Defame the ‘Duke 3′ as Rapists, where we’re misquoted:

Even the popular gender feminist site Feministing had conceded “it probably isn’t appropriate to continue calling this the ‘Duke rape case’.”

That’s funny, because I’m pretty sure it was a commenter that wrote this–not us. Congrats, noname: Fox News loves you!
I’d like to think this was a mistake (despite the fact that it’s pretty damn clear who is blogging and who is commenting) so I’ve emailed McElroy about a retraction. But still–ugh.
UPDATE: I’ve had a series of emails with McElroy which seem to indicate that she’s unwilling to remove the incorrect quote unless Feministing provides her with our position on the Duke case. Check them out after the jump (read from the bottom, up). This is seriously bad journalism.
UPDATE II: The reference to Feministing has been taken down and McElroy assures me a retraction is forthcoming.

Wendy, the retraction is about you attributing a quote to Feministing that we did not write. That’s all. You didn’t contact us for a quote, and we didn’t give one. The onus is on you to correct your error, not us to clarify our position.
Best, Jessica
Well…for the retraction I should say whether or not your site agrees with the characterization of thinking it inappropriate to refer to the Duke defendants as “rapists” or to the case as being about “rape.” Can you please clarify that point for me? BTW, I know we disagree on many positions and ill will is often expected between those who ideologically differ…but this is just a straight forward question.
Wendy, thanks for the prompt response–it’s not being depicted as no longer referring to the Duke trial as a ‘rape’ case that offends us, it’s the attributing of a quote that isn’t ours that we found problematic.
Thanks, Jessica
If you so wish, I will add a statement at the end of next week’s column to the effect that the Feministing site objects to being depicted as no longer referring to the Duke trial as a “rape” case. Indeed, I’m honestly sorry to hear you still do.
Best, Wendy
Ms. McElroy, Your recent article, Continuing to Defame the ‘Duke 3′ as Rapists, misquotes and misrepresents our stance on this issue. The quote, “it probably isn’t appropriate to continue calling this the ‘Duke rape case'” was written by a commenter–not a Feministing editor, which is very clear from the post. Please issue a retraction immediately.
Thanks so much, Jessica

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