Ten random things I learned in 2006

I’ve learned a lot of things last year, but these are the gems I pumped out last night after a half a bottle of wine. Feel free to share your own in comments. Feministing is taking two Advil and will see you in the morning.
Prunes, apparently, are made from plums. Who knew?
I don’t miss television. I haven’t ordered cable since I moved into my own place, and I’m realizing that I don’t really need it.
My mother is remarkably underappreciated.
No matter what I do or accomplish, someone is always going to judge me by the way I look.
I really, really like living by myself—I’ve been shocked to realize how much I like solitude.
Fate is cruel and will do things like have Netflix send you The Notebook on the day your relationship ends.
I can’t tell the difference between mice and moles.
Even though I’ve been working on feminist issues for years, some things (actually a lot of things) can still make me cry in frustration.
Plants die in my presence. Seriously, they’re in my apartment a day and then they’re dead.
My sister is the best friend I could ever have.
My resolution? Well, that one is private.

Happy New Year!

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