My mood today

Thanks to Amanda for helping me to find the perfect outlet for said mood.

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  • closethipster

    I definitely needed that. Thanks. (Also: there isn’t enough Tetris in music videos, is there? Attention movers, shakers, and makers of music videos: we want more Tetris.)

  • roymacIII

    Hear hear!
    If you ask me, there isn’t enough Tetris, in general. I want Tetris snack-foods. A Tetris movie, perhaps? ;)

  • Amanda Marcotte

    Ha, that video is awesome. I love bratty women.

  • elektrodot

    shes sooo cuutttee. i cant stand it.
    ive heard that beat before tho…no clue where

  • Tom Head

    I lurv that track/video. Good, good stuff.

  • mimo92

    I love this song so very very much. It’s favored on my YouTube account. (guess what my username is. lol)
    I can only do one thing and that’s be Lady Sovereign.
    Definitely more Tetris. I think I favored a video where some girl is playing the theme on the piano.

  • Jeff

    Oh god, that’s Lady Sovereign, isn’t it?
    I recommend her “take” on the Ordinary Boys’ “Boys Will Be Boys.”

  • Justin

    ….I’ll stick to punk

  • Life

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