Best moment ever.

The lovely Miss Samhita is in town, which means I’m in a state of perpetual hangover nastiness. Naturally.
Classic Samhita:
Outside a Lower East Side bar, a random guy saunters up and tries to light Samhita’s cig. He can’t get it to work. Samhita rolls her eyes at him and says, “Fuck that patriarchal bullshit, anyway.” He backs away slowly.
And this is why she needs to move back to NY.

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  • maz

    Ummm, no? We can’t lose someone as crazy as Slamhi to the east coast. The noise needs to stay out here.
    I’d miss hanging out with her crazy self like whoa.

  • norbizness

    Plus, it was probably one of these things (first item listed) anyway.

  • Jami

    she probably could have lit his lighter herself. my boy and i were each putting chains on a tire a couple days back. i ended up doing both. he was extremely gracious about it, considering that we were in full view of two other men his age.

  • Justin

    ….if someone ever said something like that to me, I’m pretty sure it’d be the coolest thing to ever happen to me

  • satirelikefire

    Well if you’re still around or in Brooklyn, you should come to this tonight:
    I’d like to invite each of you to Burning Dinner at Geoff’s apartment in Brooklyn (F to Carroll -we’re neighbors) on Saturday night! He’ll have awesome food, great sangria, an ice luge for shots, flaming art in his backyard, a dj, and it should be a great time! Come bring some food or drink or your fire spinning/hooping talent and join us at a party where you can actually hear other interesting people talk. More details at the end of the email.
    GEOFF G 646-509-0991
    DIANA A.
    There will be many opportunities to refuse patriarchal moves, advances and gestures here. Actually, the partner of the guy hosting it used to be a legal advisor for WORLD, so it’ll be somewhat progressive (alongside the burnt out Burning Man fire eaters/spinners, of course).