Women of the world mobilize for women of Darfur.

As yesterday was Human Rights Day, it has also been declared the Global Day for Darfur, which mobilized women in over 40 countries to protest outside of Sudanese embassies, demanding for the end of sexual violence and rape against women and girls in Darfur.
Additionally, international stateswomen released a letter addressing the same issue on Saturday, calling for peacekeepers to be sent to protect the women and girls who are being systematically raped as a weapon of war. Among the authors of this letter were former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Graca Machel (Nelson Mandela’s wife), Glenys Kinnock of the European Parliament, former French Prime Minister Edith Cresson, and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson.
Check out a recent report on the status of the thousands of women and girls in Darfur who continue to suffer these heinous war crimes, which has only become more severe since the Darfur Peace Agreement.

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